The magazine that kids love & parents trust

You want…

Clean, kosher content

Words that do more than just entertain

Reading material that keeps “Ma-I’m-so-bored” at a minimum


When it comes to kids’ literature,

The Circle stands in a class of its own.

Welcome to the magazine

that keeps your kids’ attention.

Edge-of-the-seat suspense

Tilt-on-the-toes action

Tip-of-the-tongue knowledge

Split-their-sides comedy

Light-up-their-eyes lessons

What’s in The Circle?

How to win the best-parent-ever-award

Have you ever…

Bought a pack of Gushers for the siyum at 11:59 PM? 
Sung Hamalach for the fourth consecutive time without losing it?  
Let the chronically ravenous classmate come for a playdate? 
Chased your absent-minded professor’s bus for two blocks, a 40-pound JanSport strapped to your back?  

You deserve a medal!

Because… What DON’T we do for our kids?

Now, you can give them the gift of a delightful reading adventure.
Week after week after week.
Give them The Circle, the mag that’s just for them.

(Bonus: You’ll get some unexpected downtime, too.)